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The world we live in today is drastically different than what it was just a few short weeks ago. Families are staying home and schools have moved learning off-campus. While this is true, at Maranatha we believe remote learning doesn’t have to feel distant. One of our families posted this on our Facebook page:

I just want to share my personal experience with e-learning having one kid at a public school in 5th grade and 3 kids at MCA in the Upper School. My son in public school misses his teacher, his classmates, the routine and structure of school and feels disconnected. He has a hard time, especially lately, sleeping at night with the stress and anxiety of this free floating unknown time. My MCA kids get up eat breakfast and leave the kitchen to go to "school" on their respective floors or rooms that they have chosen to be their classroom here at home…However my youngest, he doesn't get to log on and see his teacher, he has a punch list of work to do and no specific time to get it done by so it is so much harder to motivate him to move from one item to the next. It is a hard time for all of us - MCA is getting this right … thank you to all the MCA staff that is making life for us here at home as normal as possible from 8-3. The support we have can't be found anywhere else!!

- Donna Olson

Our Culture in Action

Maranatha is not just a school, it’s a community with a heartbeat and a soul. Each student and staff member breathe life into and contribute to what makes up the culture of the school. Together we commit to become:

Spirit-Driven Leaders

Leaders of integrity, who take the opportunity to serve others are the leaders we develop at Maranatha. Here, we look to examples from the Bible of leaders who were led by the Spirit to impact their generation for Christ. From serving in our annual all-school Meals for Minneapolis event, student annual service hours, and clubs serving around our school and community we are determined to be leaders who are the hands and feet of Jesus.

Curious Explorers

At Maranatha we don’t tell our students what to think, rather, we teach young minds how to think. Here, words like “why” and “how” are embraced and encouraged. From our earliest learners in pre-kindergarten to seniors who are preparing to explore beyond our walls, these questions never get old. This is why we choose to engage in project-based learning, inquiry activities, and partnerships with businesses and enterprises that lead to student internships. It is here students are able to experience deeper learning and be challenged to think!


Impactful Innovators

Innovation is the key to the future and at Maranatha we are impacting every student and our world, by incorporating innovative concepts into every class, conversation, and idea.  This happens when students observe a need, brainstorm and collaborate on how to address the need and then take action. It’s where students are able to think outside the box, ask challenging questions, design, fail, and design again to make an impact.

Courageous Changemakers

To create change and make a difference takes courage. At Maranatha, teachers and staff challenge students to be courageous changemakers by loving others, embracing uncertainty, challenging the status quo, and making a difference in their school, community, and world.

Gracious Community Builders

It is the community at Maranatha that sets us apart. Classes that encourage individual student growth, the Mom’s group, monthly Breakfast with Brian meetings, dads passing out coffee during morning drop off, high school prom, character hour, and kindergarten graduation are just a few ways we value and develop community. Students are encouraged to graciously serve and love one another in building community. We love the Maranatha community, but don’t take our word for it, ask one of the 15 alum who are on staff today.

Empathic Problem Solvers

Focusing on others and finding solutions that create win/wins are the kind of problem solvers we launch at Maranatha. When students approach a problem at Maranatha, it is a regular practice to complete an empathy map on the people/person the issue effects. Empathy challenges students to see others through the eyes of Christ. I think we can agree that the world could use more compassion, understanding, and empathy.

We’re not afraid of standing for something different —and, well, maybe that’s exactly what makes all the difference.

Parents Love Maranatha!

Our daughter graduates this year she has been at MCA since she was 3yrs old (with the exception of 2 yrs in Jr Hi). Every level was taught with excellence but more than that the teachers loved what they were doing and loved the kids! You cannot solely depend on the school to input your values but you can depend on this school backing you up! While preparing them academically with a strong emphasis on integrity. I wouldn't have wanted her anywhere else!

- Stephanie Livingston Mize

My kids love this school. I love knowing that they are learning Godly principles and receiving an excellent education by a staff that truly cares for their students

- Heather Sibinski

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